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Famous screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is anticipated to undertake the film adaptation of Michael Lewis’ latest book Flash Boys. He may be faced with the greatest challenge of his illustrious career: creating a protagonist who is not the Hollywood-marketable white male.

In an email leaked in the recent Sony hack, Sorkin cited a lack of Asian movie stars as one of several concerns regarding the film adaptation, revealing a disheartening lack of confidence in his undoubted ability to write a successful screenplay movie outside of the Hollywood formulae.

Mr. Sorkin, please allow me to assist. You questioned the journalistic use of information leaked in the hacks in your New York Times op-ed, wondering whether anything revealed in the Sony hacks could help, inform, or protect anyone. Allow me to be that bright spot in this arc of the screenplay of your life. It is in this helpful spirit that I humbly submit the following casting recommendations for your upcoming project. There is no need to credit me as a part of the casting direction.


Brad Katsuyama – Daniel Henney: Asian American, attractive, and an appropriate age to play the young Katsuyama, Henney has enough snap-hiss to make high frequency trading sexy again.


Ronan Ryan – Allen Leech: The cheeky irreverence of the Irishman Ronan character will help Leech avoid being typecast as the genteel period character after he leaves Downton Abbey. Also, this movie will need to be rated R. The character will simply not be fucking believable without a fuckload of f-bombs.


Rob Park – Randall Park: Of The Interview fame, Park is an actor with a wide range and was also impacted by the Sony hack. You’ll have something in common, and Park can add a Canadian accent to his resume.


Ashley Katsuyama – Danielle Panabaker: Panabaker is seeing a small resurgence of fame on the CW’s The Flash. Katsuyama’s wife does not have a large role in the book, but hey, you can take a little creative license – imagine the chemistry between Henney and Panabaker.


John Schwall – Brad Pitt: I know, I know, he was already in one of your Michael Lewis adaptations, but let’s face it, he’s great.


Sergey Aleynikov – Anton Yelchin: One of the few Russian American actors in Hollywood, prepared for you by the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek franchise. I’m going to assume you already have him locked down.

michaelceraDan Aisen (Puz) – Michael Cera: The man can just really pull off lovably affable nerd.


Allen Zhang – Masi Oka: Let’s bring the hero back.

Who would you cast? Let us know below, put together your own ideal blog cast, or tweet #TheSorkinChallenge


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  2. The problem with casting Brad Pitt is that he has too much star power and not enough gravitas. He’s going to basically overwhelm the movie and turn the movie into his. What you need is an actor that takes the same role as Alex Guinness did in the original Star Wars movie, or Michael Cain does in the Nolan’s Batman trilogy or Kingsman and the Secret Service. Robin Williams had the same role in Good Will Hunting.

    I haven’t read the book, so I don’t know how old John Schwall is supposed to be, but guys like Russell Crowe, Michael Keaton or even George Clooney is probably better in that supporting role (about same age as Brad Pitt). James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are younger actors that have the same gravitas, in my opinion.

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  3. I obviously disagree about Pitt (he did alright in a side role in Ocean’s Eleven!) but I also really like the idea of George Clooney! :)


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  6. Ok, so I finally got around to watching an interview on MSNBC with Katsuyama, and I actually think Henney might be a good choice. Katsuyama certainly has this, you’re an idiot look down pat. Either that or John Cho,although I think John Cho plays the computer geek better (so Rob Park for him).

    Still think someone like Michael Fassbender is a better choice for Schwall. Pitt played second fiddle in Ocean 11, in a movie starring people like Clooney, Damon, Roberts and Garcia. Basically, they have all star powers equal to Pitt.

    Oh, and Francis Chung = Steven Yeun


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