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I hate the end of summer.

I have never been so mad to see the return of the autumn pumpkin brew in the grocery store. I was really under the impression we had four weeks of summer left, but modern commercialism has righted my wrong.

This time of year, right before Labor Day, is when I am most disheartened, because summer is coming to a close, but new seasons of my favorite TV shows are still weeks away (and I maintain that pumpkin ale, as much as I might love it, is not appropriate while it is still 90 degrees outside).

Until the return of major network television (so many favorites returning this fall!) and your regularly scheduled blogging, a friend and I have begun dabbling in a new project, about which I’ll hopefully be able to share more information in the coming months.

In the meantime, here’s a fun new game with which I’ve been amusing myself when bored – I call it Reverse the Whitewash. The rules are simple: pick a film that really should have featured a diverse cast (but didn’t) and see if you can’t make it awesome with a simple casting adjustment.

A few examples to start us off:

  1. Lost in Translation – replace Bill Murray with Ken Watanabe. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a movie you’d watch.

    We'll just pretend that's Suntory Whiskey

    We’ll just pretend that’s Suntory Whiskey

  2. Mighty Joe Young – because apparently even films set in Africa need to be about white people. Swap out Charlize Theron for Lupita N’yongo.

    I will never be over this dress.

    I will never be over this dress.

  3. A Beautiful Mind – The real-life Alicia Nash was El Savadorian, but played by Jennifer Connelley in the famous film. Although the film was several years before her time, my dream casting includes the lovely Gina Rodriguez.


    Because she is perfect  

  4. Aloha – HOKAY this doozy actually needs two swaps, but I’m gonna count it because Emma Stone’s character was written as half-Asihudgensan/Hawaiian and cast incorrectly to begin with. Swap Emma Stone for Vanessa Hudgens (who is actually of mixed Asian and Pacific Island descent) and Bradley Cooper for Daniel Dae Kim.
  5. Ant-Man – Ok so I know this one wasn’t exactly whitewashed per se, but c’mon, Scott Lang? Let’s go with John Cho. That one was a freebie, Marvel. You really shoulda taken it.

    I won't rest until I see this man in a superhero film

    I won’t rest until I see this man in a superhero film

Which movies would you recast? Comment below or tweet #ReverseTheWhitewash

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