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TV Review: The Mindy Project (season 4 premiere)

Is there anything better than waking up to a new season premiere of The Mindy Project on your Hulu and a new Mindy Kaling book all downloaded and ready to go on your Kindle?

No, no there is not. (If you disagree, you may be at the wrong blog).

One of my favorite parts of television season, which is alternately known as “football season” by my husband, a participant in not one, not two, but FOUR fantasy leagues, is…sorry, where was this sentence going? Oh right – my favorite part of television season is waking up to new episodes of my favorite shows queued up on Hulu to watch while I do my makeup in the morning, which I hate.

My makeup routine is like an addiction. It’s as necessary as caffeine and bathing for me to be properly awake and ready to go to work, but I never actually enjoy the process as I do the shower and coffee. Although I’ve pared it back significantly since college, it’s the same damn thing every day. Plus, I bore easily and apparently can’t be alone with my thoughts for even ten minutes.

When we last left Mindy Lahiri, she was pregnant with Danny’s child and anxiously anticipating a marriage proposal. When Danny tells Mindy that he doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage, having been burned by said institution before, she is heartbroken. Danny takes off, and the mood is low until we see that Danny has gone to India to visit Mindy’s parents to tell them – something. We almost didn’t get to find out, because FOX canceled the show following last season’s finale, because they hate fun.

In the new season premiere of The Mindy Project, which was snatched up by clever Hulu less than a week after its cancelation, we find out what Danny went all the way to India to say. We also get to meet Mindy’s parents, which is awesome, because it’s like meeting your friend’s parents after you’ve known her pretty well for a few years – everything about Mindy just kinda makes more sense.

We’re also treated to some happy cameos, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kunal Nayyar, who cleans up so well that I didn’t even recognize him until I heard his voice.

mindybookAfter the end of the episode, makeup having long since finished and coffee gone cold, I wasn’t even sad to leave for work, because my commute meant another hour with Mindy through her new comedically-anecdotal (is there a genre name I’m missing here?) book Why Not Me? The hour that was happily extended by the frequent delays that plague WMATA (the first time such a sentence has ever been uttered).

I identify with Kaling so much it hurts: the desire to be liked, the need to make people laugh, the lingering sadness over passing friendships. Which makes her book sound sad and it’s really not; I spent the entire 90-minute train ride snickering at my Kindle. But I think it’s rare to find a comedian with whom you can actually identify while laughing – it feels like laughing at your own insecurities, which will inevitably make them seem smaller and less painfully unique.

The Mindy Project airs new episodes Tuesdays on Hulu


  1. I just want to thank you for a) being the reason I started watching this show to begin with, and b) writing this post since it’s the only reason I knew the new season premiered last night.

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