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Comics Review: Thor: The Goddess of Thunder

I’m the sort of book-lover who assumed she would never get a Kindle. I actually end up reading quite a few books on my Kindle app. I have an hour-long commute to work, and it’s just so easy – finish one book, download another, keep reading. There are lots of reasons why the Kindle-averse simply cannot give up their addiction to hard copies: the pleasant weight of a book in the hands, the satisfaction of turning the pages, the easy demarcation of favorite passages. These are oft-cited reasons, but they neglect the best part of physical books – the smell. I have always loved the smell of books. I could probably identify favorites from my childhood library by nose alone (I might even be able to do Harry Potter by volume). And the glossy pages of comic books smell like textbooks, which were always the best smelling type of literature. A superhero nerd like myself has access these days to immediate gratification given the easy availability of downloads on Alas, as a book-sniffer, I’m normally a patiently-wait-for-the-collected-volume type of comic reader. …

Comics Review: My Japanese Husband (STILL) Thinks I’m Crazy

My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy and the forthcoming followup, My Japanese Husband (STILL) Thinks I’m Crazy are a series of comic books by Grace Buchele Mineta, an American blogger and freelance writer living with her Japanese husband in Tokyo. Mineta explores the humor and small insights to be found in her day-to-day life through her endearing, largely single-panel comics, complemented by explanations of expat life in Japan.