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Theater Review: Allegiance

Last weekend, my husband and I (and some blogger friends) headed up to New York to catch one of the first Broadway performances of Allegiance, a musical based on George Takei’s experiences during his family’s internment under Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066. That’s right, a musical about the U.S. government’s internment of its Japanese American citizens. Despite the devastating subject matter, the play is…er…hilarious. And joyful. And uplifting. This is of course the genius of Takei himself who, although the only actor in the production who was himself one of the 120,000 Japanese Americans interned, simply cannot play a role that is without humor. The whole experience was a bit surreal – I was aware of the details of the Japanese American internment, but it’s emotionally challenging (to say the least) to be asked to imagine a situation in which your own government is willing to systematically round up its citizens on the sheer basis of their race. And yet the emotional entry point for the audience is so simple: a family, with typical family problems, caught up in the larger drama around them. Sammy Kimura (Telly …

Film Review: Big Hero 6

My first review is an animated Disney superhero movie – who’s surprised? If you haven’t seen this one yet, you should. It’s still in theaters, and it’s great. Big Hero 6, directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, is based on a lesser-known Marvel comic that Disney dug up and reinvented. Ryan Potter and Daniel Henney lend their voices as brothers Hiro and Tadashi Hamada, who are half-Japanese-half-Caucasian American (Potter and Henney are themselves of mixed heritage) living with their aunt in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. While the brothers’ mixed background is implied, both Hamada parents are deceased and never shown. I suppose actually depicting an AMWF couple on screen would have been too much awesome for one movie…sigh.