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Book Review: Blackbird Fly

I read Blackbird Fly, the debut novel by Erin Entrada Kelly, at the recommendation of the author’s cousin (hi John!). I actually finished the book a few weeks ago, so I’m late with this review – it’s been a crazy few weeks for me! On the plus side, I have now seen Avengers: Age of Ultron twice, and I am officially DONE with grad school as of this weekend. Blackbird Fly (aimed at middle school readers) tells the story of Apple, a Filipino American girl living in Louisiana with her mother. Apple is best friends with Alyssa and Gretchen, but when Apple ends up on the “dog log”, a malicious list of the ugliest girls in school created by the meanest boys in school, relationships begin to change. Apple’s escape is an old Beatles’ cassette tape of her father’s. Her dream is to learn to play the guitar and create music like George Harrison, her favorite Beatle – if only she can convince her musically-skeptical mother to buy her a guitar. Apple’s story took me (against my will) back to middle school and …

Book Review: Eleanor & Park

So to go along with my twelve-year-old boy taste in movies and my irrational love of sitcoms, my favorite genre of novel is…YA (you all saw this coming, right? Had me pegged for a raging Harry Potter fan? Guilty.) Adult fiction somehow never managed to hold quite the same appeal for me, coming after all the great YA I loved in high school. The seventh Harry Potter book came out the summer before I went to college, my childhood ended, and fiction just hasn’t been the same sense. Okay that’s darker than I really meant the sentiment to be. But the problem is, adult fiction might not capture the imagination in the same way YA once did, but you also do naturally outgrow YA. (Or at least, a lot of YA. Harry Potter will be awesome forever and Holes still really holds up).